Join A Support Group

Circles by Modern Health

Circles by Modern Health provides free support groups led by therapists and coaches through workshops, listen & learns, and discussions. Topics include challenges in the workplace, stress management, supporting your child’s mental health, challenges in family relationships, and many more. 

SF National Alliance on Mental Health

NAMI support groups are led by teams of two peers, meetings emphasizing hope and community. They offer support for loved ones, families, and caregivers; individuals living with a mental health condition; and support for BIPOC individuals. Free of charge. 

Asian Mental Health Collective

AHMC offers support groups led by Asian mental health professionals to provide a space for Asian-identifying individuals to connect with and seek support from other members. Each support group runs for 8 weeks with no cost. 

Chinese Mental Health Assoication

The MHACC aims to raise awareness of mental health within the Chinese community, providing free support groups in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. For families, younger adults, and older generations. 

Asian Mental Health Project

The AMHP offers a variety of free, peer-led wellness groups for community healing for queer Asians, Asian women wellness, Asian adoptee empowerment, Proud Asian men, and Stay in, Check in, among others. 

Yellow Chair Collective

Yellow Chair Collective is made up of a team of psychotherapists who provide support groups on topics such as emotion management, Asian female & femme body journey, ADHD coaching, sensitive feelers & empaths, among others. 

Therapy Services

Entwine Community is a non-profit organization that provides accessible and affordable mental health & support services for Asian and Asian American communities in California. 


  • Case managers to assess your needs and connect you to the resources and support you need
  • Mental health counseling services with low fee & sliding scale fees for those without proper health coverage
  • 1:1 peer support to provide you with life skills and connect with needed resources
  • Community groups for immigrant mothers, Asian female & femmes, BIPOC neurodiverse group, college students, Mandarin speaking college students, among others.  

South Asian Therapists is the largest South Asian therapist and counseling community. Their directory includes hundreds of South Asian therapists, including Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Afghani, and Nepali heritage. 

  • Offers mental health therapy workbooks for purchase
  • South Asian therapist directory 
  • Mental health and therapy counseling articles 

Worksheets and Toolkits

1, Therapist Aid provides hundreds of free downloadable mental health worksheets: 

  • For children, adolescents, and adults 
  • Example worksheets: Creating work-life boundaries, stress exploration, grief, perfectionism, mindfulness techniques

2. Burnout prevention toolkit  developed by A Safe Haven for Asian Americans (ASHAA) 

3. Mind Share Partners: downloadable toolkits for workplace mental health

  • Including creating an employee resource group for mental health, communication kits, and creating mentally health workplaces

4. Yellow Chair Collective podcast that shares stories and insights from top experts.


Mental Health First Aid free training course

  • Teaches you how to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis
  • Helps you identify, understand, and respond to signs of addiction and mental illnesses