Our Programs

The CalAsian Foundation believes that our statewide leadership must reflect the diversity and viewpoints of all of our communities. We are committed to the growth of the next generation of leaders, helping them build up their individual capabilities and contributions, expand their network, and appreciate the critical role that diversity, inclusion, and equity play in building more healthy, vibrant communities.

Since 2007, hundreds of AAPI leaders have been promoted, taken on new leadership posts, serve on local boards and commissions, and some have pursued elected office after graduating from our Catalyst, NextGen, and NODE leadership programs. These professionally managed, hands-on development experiences have given our graduates high-value skills in problem-solving, conflict management, interest-based negotiations, coalition building, and navigating change.

Increasingly today, the CalAsian Foundation recognizes that inclusive economic growth in California and effective advocacy for millions of Asian Pacific Islanders depends upon greater numbers of AAPIs entering political office and influential posts in government.

Catalyst Leadership Program

Since 2007, the Catalyst Leadership Program has helped develop and connect the Sacramento region’s diverse emerging leaders. During the program, participants learn to expand their individual leadership and management skills, create meaningful relationships with emerging leaders across different industries, and gain insight from the experiences of established community leaders. 


NextGen Empower U

The NextGen Empower U will empower the next generation of AAPIs to be successful in many facets of their lives. This three-month program will help each participant discover and define their own personal definition of life success acknowledging that their definition of being successful will change throughout their lifetime. Our program’s focus will touch on topics including relationship building and communication, education and career development, and financial management while providing transferable skills that the participants will be able to use throughout their lives.

NODE: Empowering AAPI Change Makers

Node is a social education network founded by empowering AAPI community leaders from non-profits, social entrepreneurs, community-focused organizations and mission-driven organizations like B Corps.

Node Institute members consist of organizations from across the nation.


AAPI LIFT is a new leadership program that supports AAPI in the private sector who are curious about entering public service as an elected official or serving on a local board or commission. This six-month training and mentorship program, delivered by AAPI political professionals, offers practical insights about setting policy, building coalitions, communicating your agenda, running winning campaigns, and then governing effectively. No matter if you are called to public service right now or in years to come, every participant will receive individualized support and advice to help them succeed, a peer network to lean upon, and a powerful set of skills they can use every day.

Cannabis Programs and Activities

Since 2016, the CalAsian Foundation has created pathways for marginalized communities to pursue business ownership and employment opportunities in the cannabis industry.

Our expertise in providing business assistance services to minority communities and advocacy efforts, as well as our powerful network of state and local regulators, elected officials, corporations, investors, diverse entrepreneurs, and community stakeholders enable us to create opportunities for communities to build proficiency and wealth in the cannabis industry.