The NextGen program exceeded my expectations; through presentations from guest speakers, interacting with other youth in the community, and engaging in critical dialogue, I learned how to play an active role in my community and the world beyond it. As a result of this program, I feel better equipped to “play the game”—to better utilize my resources and grow my network. NextGen (and the team that made it happen) influenced how I view real, effective change in Sacramento by giving me tools to connect with others, to hold myself and my city accountable, and to find my voice and what is worth saying.
Alexis Dumonchelle
Evaluation and Learning Manager, Teen Success, Inc.
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Empower U Corporate

As a society we are just emerging from one of the most disruptive times in our lifetimes. The workplace has been in disarray, relationships have become distant, employees have disengaged. This program is intended to help re-engage staff members. We will do this by creating a means for staff members to find meaning and fulfillment in their work. We will explore creating and restoring healthy working relationships. We will breakdown myths and offer new insights that will create a more satisfying work environment.

Program Details

Each Empower U Corporate program is crafted with your company’s goals in mind. With your individual program, you will get:

  • A 30-Minute pre-strategy call with the Program Director to outline program goals
  • Customized curriculum created for your company based on organizational needs
  • 2 Half-day Interactive sessions with employees; employers are encouraged to participate
  • 3 hours each sessions

Key Benefits for Employers

  • Retain valuable human capital
  • Invest in your employee’s professional development and growth
  • Create a positive space for professional relationship building amongst team members and co-workers
  • Establish a supportive employer relationship with your employees
  • Provide mentorship opportunities

Key Benefits for Employees

  • Define their personal definition of life success
  • Mentorship and guidance from our experienced NextGen Program Director
  • Obtain practical tools and techniques to achieve success
  • Develop lifelong learning and transferable skills
  • Gain valuable insight from experienced community and industry experts

Sample Topics

  • Creating Your Life Vision
  • Finding Meaning in Your Work
  • Choosing Your Attitude
  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • Myth Busters: Work-Life Balance
  • Half-Click to Management
  • Saying “Yes!” to New Opportunities
  • Becoming the “Go-To” Person
  • Concepts on Pay
  • Steps to Financial Independence
  • And so much more!

Meet our Program Director

Jim Tabuchi

Jim Tabuchi first started working with Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce 15 years ago as the Program Director for the Catalyst Program. For nine years he mentored and developed leaders. These Catalyst grads can be seen throughout the community, leading corporate and non-profit organizations.

Jim has an extensive background that includes high tech corporate management, non-profit leadership and program development. He is educated in electrical engineering and applied that to become a Senior Manager in Hewlett-Packard. He then applied his management experience to grow the Sacramento Mandarins to become a leading arts non-profit organization, providing music education programs for over a thousand youth every year. He provides consulting services and leadership coaching to numerous organizations. His impact can be seen in numerous industries including high tech, education, banking, utilities, health care, government and more.

As a Program Director, Jim offers insightful mentorship pulling from his vast experience in leadership and community development.

Give your employees the tools to succeed.

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Program Fee


  • Up to (25) employees may participate
  • (2) Half-day interactive sessions
  • Opportunity for participants to connect with other Empower U Corporate alumni at future events
  • Access for participants to join the Empower U Corporate Facebook Group for continued support and development

For questions, contact Lauren Oto, Executive Director, at

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