Corporate Sponsorship

As a corporate partner, your contribution will be invaluable in helping the most vulnerable segments of our AAPI population. Contributions will go towards programs that empower our youth, economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs, and community change-makers. As a corporate partner, you will be featured in tens of thousands of touchpoints across our virtual and in-person landscape.

Donor Levels

$ 5,000
  • Provides one scholarship to an AAPI young professional to participate in our Catalyst Leadership Program or our Pathways to Political Leadership
$ 10,000
  • Provides funding to help support creation of Program Curriculum
  • Provides one scholarship to any of our Leadership Development Programs
$ 15,000
  • Provides salary support for Program Directors to act as subject matter experts and professional educators for program participants.
$ 25,000
  • Sponsors venues, lodging, speakers and food & beverage for in-person retreats, conferences and meetings which lead to long-lasting connections and community building.
$ 50,000
  • Provides four scholarships to our Leadership Development Programs
  • Provides three scholarships for our next generation of AAPI professionals to participate in our NExtGen Success Academy
  • Provides four scholarships for AAPI Community Based Organizations to participate in NODE
  • Helps provide training and workshops to assist business owners in dealing with AAPI hate crimes at their workplace and online.
  • Invests in the future development of Foundation programming to meet the challenges of future generations

Download the Foundation Sponsor Deck

Corporate Sponsor Inquiry

To donate to our organization, sponsor our existing programs or to partner with us on new programs, contact Lauren Oto, Executive Director at or submit the form below.