Civic Leadership USA and California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce Foundation Launch New Leadership Program

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“AAPI Lift” Aims to Boost AAPI Participation in Political Service

September 15, 2022

Media Contact: Nikki Saechao

SACRAMENTO, CA – Two influential Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) advocacy organizations – Civic Leadership USA and the California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce Foundation (CalAsian Foundation) – announced they are teaming up to deliver a new leadership program designed to boost participation from AAPI business leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs seeking opportunities in public service, appointed boards and commissions, or elected office at the local, state, and federal levels. 

“We are excited about our new partnership with the CalAsian Foundation to deliver the practical information and insights needed to help more AAPI leaders from the private sector consider the importance of public service,” said Sandy Chau, Chairman of Civic Leadership USA who is also a long-time venture capitalist, real estate investor, technology company founder, and philanthropist. “CalAsian is certainly well qualified to organize and deliver this leadership program given how engaged the business organization is politically in California and based on its three other leadership programs.”

The new AAPI Lift program is guided by culturally competent expert faculty and experienced speakers who have business and political backgrounds. With their expertise, they will offer practical advice on topics such as what it means to be an elected officeholder, how to develop policies that serve AAPI communities, and how private sector  skills translate to public service.  

“The CalAsian Foundation with the support of its parent organization, the California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce, is perfectly positioned to connect with AAPI business leaders,” said Rob Fong, Chairman of the CalAsian Foundation Board of Directors. “The AAPI Lift program will make a real difference elevating the voices of the AAPI community by identifying viable candidates with private sector experience, particularly those who can bring a very practical, balanced point of view to policy making. AAPI Lift is a critical program since currently only .9% of all elected officials are from the AAPI community, even though AAPIs represent more than 6% of the overall population.” 


About Civic Leadership USA 

Established in 2013, Civic Leadership USA is a national 501c3 headquartered in San Mateo, California, dedicated to empowering and organizing AAPI communities by creating a national network of civic-minded organizations and leaders, working in unity. Click here to learn more.

About the CalAsian Foundation

The California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a statewide 501c3 headquartered in Sacramento, California, that strengthens underserved, diverse communities through leadership, professional development, and continuing education. The Foundation operates in conjunction with the California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce and the Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce, both of which are 501c6 organizations. The two chambers combined is the largest ethnic chamber in California. Click here to learn more about the CalAsian Foundation and the new AAPI Lift program.